As for my next task at hand, I will be keeping a secret. I do hope you lot will like it. It’s a true test to see what my audience may be able to take! After all, I do have quite a bit of my customers saying that they would love for me to introduce more.

The proof is in the pudding, that phrase goes back to the 1700s. How something may look good & sound good, but the test is when you try it. A lot of things have been tried lately, & I don't know anyone who is better off.

Interesting to see how loved I am and I really appreciate all of you. May God bless you all beyond your thoughts. 100K entered and I will receive another 100k which will be automatically sent to my bank account. I only made a test. Once again, God will bless you all 🙏 A love that lasted the test of times. I believe in love due to you. May Allah always bless you and keep you. 

I’m very big on respect. I don’t give a damn how nice I may seem, don’t try or test me🤞🏽. I may look calm, I may seem nice..... but don't test me.