I'm dressing up like a cup of hot earl grey tea. A cup of tea makes everything feel better i feel like i’m being hugged.

Love the idea of using tea as a "prop" for doing nothing. When I want to do nothing in a public place, I'll hold my handphone in my lap like I'm looking at it while I meditate for a few minutes. But I think a cup of hot tea is even better.

Guest (as a Customer): "Are we drinking coffee or champagne?” he asks playfully.
Me (as a Resto Cafe Waiter): “I’m going to have a cup of tea. Yeah, well, when I first tried tea I didn’t like the taste, but I grew to like it. Do you also want me to provide you a spesial delicious donuts?"
Guest (as a Customers) : "yeah, well I don’t like donuts Cakes, and I’m not going to eat them until I like them, but so far i’ve had today a chunk of donuts bread, two small virgin chicken tenders and like two fries, ..OK then, just give me a cup of tea"
Me (as a Resto Cafe Waiter): "Sir, please wait at your dining table chair, your order will be prepared soon"