22 y/o here and I’ve never been in a serious relationship or even kissed anyone so you’re totally ok. Be a good person rather than the "perfect" fan. ok?!?!??? you want a kiss or what? Let me complete it for you.  let me fix it for you !
dhita, a beautiful hijaber girl
a Beautiful Hijaber Girl: You don’t love a girl because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her! 😂

yeah but some hijaber girls aren’t willing to say “kiss me” or something. Sometimes guys need to have the confidence/courage to either do it or ask. if they’re going for it, yes reading their body language would be best to know if they’re ok with it.

Ok so your hand is moving towards her face so either you are gonna fix her hair or kiss her. 💋 Imagine calling someone taking advantage of the men “baddie vibes”. Would you people be ok  if a male hm followed a hijaber girl to the shower? Will you still celebrate when a guy kisses a girl without her permission or kisses her and runs away ? You wanna support rubbish mad idiots !

dhita, selfie Beautiful Hijaber Girl ok do you wanna kiss or what
ok do you wanna kiss or what 😋🌞🤣

It's ok not to have loved/kissed/have had sex in your 20s. It is just as normal as choosing to do all or any of these things. I made a choice to get only into casual things until the right person comes along. That was a choice I made. Despite my occasional rants, I'm happy I did.

Hi, I don't know what happen. i don't know if i have to worry or not but i'm thinking about you! I send you my love and i really hope you are ok and everything is ok! I love you my man! Kiss kiss and hug you! 💚🖤🦋 Let us know when you land to my city, Indonesia! 🙏

Ok dear. What do you want: A kiss of good Night, or A night full of kisses? The best good morning with a quickie??? 😘 ok do you wanna kiss or what 🤣🤣🤣‼️‼️ No matter what anyone says, I won't accept any ending that doesn't leave the love smiling. Damn ok are you gonna kiss me or what?

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