Foto Soraya Feranidhita  Hijaber girls in various events
Hijaber girls in various events

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🧾 Females in Social Media

Women are very active on social media and they communicate naturally across them because they share similar communicative logic. By definition, they are very expressive and feel comfortable holding several conversations at a time.

Through social media women are able to use self-expression skills to promote themselves as well as their business. Women have always been socially engaging now there is a way to influence and reach more people. The use of social media allows a women to live a fully functional lifestyle.

Foto Soraya Ferani Hijaber Woman in social media
Hijaber Woman in social media

Women are more active on social media; they use it more and participate more than men. This is why it is believed that they will mark trends from now on, since they have typically adapted more and better to the technology. The most woman-dominated platform amongst influencers is Instagram, tiktok, n others, where 78% of influencers who are monetizing their accounts are females, and only 22% are males.

Women are also frequently portrayed in media as weak and submissive, while men are portrayed as dominant and powerful. This is evident in movies, television shows, and even in news media, where women are often portrayed as victims of violence and men are depicted as aggressors.

Social media platforms often feature images of people with seemingly perfect faces and bodies, often using filters and photo editing tools to enhance their appearance. This can create unrealistic beauty standards, leading to body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem in both women and men.

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Research consistently reports that girls and women experience body dissatisfaction more frequently than boys and men. a cultural tendency to judge people by their appearance. peer pressure among girls and women to be slim, engage with diets, exercise and compare themselves with others. media and advertising images that promote particular appearance ideals.

While body image concerns affect both boys and girls, research suggests that girls are more likely to be dissatisfied with their appearance and their weight than boys (24,25).

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